About Us

We welcome you to VAISAKHI...

VAISAKHI, one of the most vibrant Real Estate Developers in the City of Destiny- the epitome of Trust & Credibility. Its reputation rests on the strong foundation of landmark Buildings built by it during the last two decades which reflect the rich blend of Architectural Elegance and Quality of construction.

This outstanding Mission of Development, ‘VAISAKHI’ Led by Sri B. Sagar & Sri B. Ramakrishna, is an embodiment of Reliability and Class through 360° of its ventures. With its splendid journey, the group has earned widespread respect for Construction Quality and Elegant Designs. Each Project has been meticulously planned and splendidly finished as per the committed specifications. The outcome of committed hard work of Vaisakhi team is reflected in terms of finest apartments in the city at affordable price and strict adherence to time schedules.

Vision & Mission:

To be in the BEST list of Indian Construction Giants and to deliver residential as well as commercial complexes by providing value to cliental money with landmark destinations. The Vision is not limited to Quality oriented Building Constructions but also to create Landmark

Our Motto- We strive to provide the best price-quality proposition to our customers in Residential and Commercial Buildings in all aspects.

Our Directors Message

As one of the City of Destiny’s most Successful and Reliable companies, our corporate journey began more than a decade ago. Today, we remain committed to the same ideals and objectives that have driven our success over the last decade of time. We are proud of our past and we have an active present and we look forward to a promising future. These values are deep-seated into our corporate culture and are followed in every aspect of our business operation through four major tenets: zero compromise on Quality, consistent value for money to our clients, Customer’s satisfaction, and maintaining Loyalty with the numerous members associated.

Last, but by no means least, a warm word of thanks to our own employees: the foundation and pillars of our success, who have shown care and responsibility at every turn and who have enabled us to become, in the space of a few years, one of the leading construction Companies in the region

Thank You

As a Founding member of VAISAKHI DEVELOPERS, a unique Construction and Developers Company of Southern India which is the true epitome of QUALITY, GOODWILL & GRANDEUR,

"I take this opportunity to thank our valued customers, whose continued patronage and confidence in our ventures inspires us to extend the best of our services. We move ahead with the following values embedded in our working. "Innovate, Imbibe, Excel .......... Shift the Paradigm…"

We continually innovate our Projects, exploring new Possibilities, and new Technologies in our Construction process. We imbibe the best Practices of the industry in our working while keeping in view our social responsibility. We believe in excelling at whatever we are doing, that is possible through challenging the present and moving towards future. We plan to take business optimization and customer satisfaction to a different level through our various best Home Building practices created by talented, satisfied employees, while positively contributing to society. "

Thank You